Corporate Support

In the corporate world, it's the tech in the office that keeps a business profitable. When something isn't working right, it needs to be fixed right the first time, as soon as possible without a hassle. Computer Repair in Moncton can meet these requirements by first asking the right questions and then setting your business up with a proper system that meets the required specs for the tasks that need to be performed daily without a hitch. We have over 15 years of experience working with networks and domains. We are fully qualified to put your system together from scratch or to jump in and find the issues within your current system.

Our 24-7 corporate division can offer the following services to your growing business:

cloud backup

Backup Solutions ▼

Off-site back-up solutions for business and personal computer users. You will never have to worry about losing data again; your data is safe with us.

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Remote Support Plans ▼

As long as you can still connect to the internet, we can connect to you! Remote support is a way for us to connect to your computer and repair it online in order to complete services such as software installs or system tune up’s.

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Telephone Support ▼

A yearly plan to insure that we are 100% dedicated to keeping your business computers online without issue. We can configure your business for success and keep them tuned at all times. Have a problem? Just call is and we will connect remotely, day or night to make sure that you are back up and rolling in no time. These yearly plans usually come with an off-site backup as well.

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Expert On-Site Support ▼

We come to you! We are experts at starting from square one to supply your new business with all of its computer hardware purchases and installations. Not sure what you need for a job? Just ask! Have an existing set-up? We can fix that too!

We are 100% certified, qualified, and insured.